Hi, let’s have difficult conversations.

I’m Stacy Morrison, and at different times in my life I have been a magazine editor, an author, a caregiver, an expert on TV, a daughter, a journalist, a media executive, a professional advice-giver, an advocate, a mother, and more. I have also been: afraid, devastated, uncertain, terrified, broken, grief-stricken, lost. Apparently, you can do both: be an achiever and a dreamer, and be painfully fragile. You know, human. Be human.

This newsletter is about what the journey into (and out of) pain and loss — and the transformation that often comes with it — looks like.

There is so much to be learned there.

I’ve often said that our sole moral responsibility to this world is to become the person we were truly meant to me.

And falling down and starting all over again is how we get to do that.

Let’s stumble together.

So join me

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And join the crew

Be part of a community of people who think about change, grief, and loss and how it impacts — and yes, enriches — our lives, often opening new doorways. I hope to create community here and for us to learn from each other. Because in the end, everyone’s a teacher, whether they signed up for the role or not. And all of us is bound to suffer some loss or tremendously difficult change, because as a human, that’s the price of entry.

Thank you for being here. I’m so glad.

Feel free to share this newsletter with friends you think might like it. Especially anyone who is struggling. I like to keep a seat open for those people in particular and say, “Here, come sit by me.”

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