Can I Answer A Question for You?

I am soliciting questions today for Free Advice! I’ll be an occasional columnist over at the trusted, tried-and-true (a website for those of us who are between young and old), where I can apply my skills and talent as a professional advice-giver, as part of the site’s column “Ask a Grown-Ass Woman.”

So please do me a favor and send me burning advice questions you have — the questions are confidential, i.e. I don’t have to name you as the questioner, and I will email you the answer directly, as well as publish one selected question on

As for the questions: they can be about deep, complicated stuff — grief, change, divorce, loss, career panic, broken friendships, aging (and all its accompanying B.S.) — or they can be straight-up simple questions, like, should I spend my entire stimulus check (assuming that bill will make its way through Congress) on high-end skincare at Sephora, figuring I’ll never get the chance to splurge on that stuff again?

You can ask your question here:

I have a question!

And I’d also love to know: Are any of you interested in my doing a regular advice Q/A here on Filling in the Blanks? Let me know, also at the button above (or in a comment below). I tend to think life doesn’t have tidy answers — but those are my favorite answers to give, after all.